Why do I need a blog?

Why do I need a blog?

The most valuable thing a person can do in life is not just to make a scientific discovery or create a unique prototype. In my deep conviction, the most valuable thing in science is to transfer your knowledge and inventions to the world. Only the possibility of applying the latest developments fills them with meaning and benefits. Service to the world and society is the main motive in the life of a scientist. I am filled with the results of my painstaking work on personal projects, and the opportunity to share my work for the benefit of others gives an impetus to development.

I read a lot, mostly scientific or semi-scientific literature. It impresses me with what a powerful spirit of service to the world-famous bestselling authors share with their readers the results of their life’s work. Knowledge has meaning and benefits if it is transmitted, which is why I decided to start a blog to share what I create myself. Perhaps my experience of the first steps in science will help other aspiring scientists to determine their purpose, get support or advice.

I am open to communication and joint projects for the good, so I will be glad to receive feedback from my readers.

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