Visualization using AI

Visualization using AI

You probably noticed that all my publications have one common feature?

Yes, it certainly didn’t seem to you: I create all the illustrations for my publications using neural networks. And since I have given myself and my readers the word that I will share the benefits, I can’t help but share with you an overview of some free services that use artificial intelligence to generate images.

  • Lexica

To get the generated image, you need to fill in only two information fields. In the first, you need to make a description of what you want to get at the output, and in the second, you need a hint.

  • Fotor

Another online photo editor with a huge number of users around the world, now also with an AI-based image generator. It’s incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is provide text hints, the AI will instantly convert them into images. You can use it to create photorealistic images of human faces, anime characters, three-dimensional models, digital art and paintings of various styles.

  • Craiyon

Formerly known as DALL-E mini is an artificial intelligence image generator developed by researchers from Google and Hugging Face. By simply entering a text description, you can generate nine different images based on the text provided.

  • StarryAI

It is an artificial intelligence-based image generator that can automatically turn images into NFTs using machine learning algorithms. One of its most notable features is that it does not require user input and can process images quickly. Allows you to create realistic and abstract images and make visualizations of products.

  • Artbreeder

This generator creates images by combining several photos. Using your existing photo gallery, AI allows you to create completely new and authentic images. The AI supports BigGAN and StyleGAN and offers image editing capabilities.

  • CF Spark

In this service, you can not only create images, but also monetize them by offering them for sale to other users of the platform.

  • Midjourney

Is another service for generating drawings, which, by the way, I use myself. The images that it generates from the text description can be confused with maps created by human hands. Recently, this neural network has also been famous for its photorealistic pictures. Now Midjourney can be used as a bot in Discord.

There are other services: paid and free, which are freely available on the web. If you are interested in this topic, write in the comments what services you tried to use yourself, what you liked and what you didn’t.

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