Mining. Part 3. Solo or Pool

Mining. Part 3. Solo or Pool

When I first became interested in the topic of mining, I read a lot not only about how solo innovators like me create farms at home, but also how this industry is developing in the world against the background of competition. Over time, the so-called solo mine becomes not so effective.

Even if the computer has high power, it will not be able to unravel the block and get the cryptocurrency when the block appears. Miners around the world are coming to combine several PCs into pools and thus carry out joint industrial production of ether, increasing efficiency.

This year, the market capitalization of Bitcoin, for example, has reached one trillion. This inspired some bitcoin transactions to expand. The mining ban in China has caused a mass exodus, and some mining companies are moving their facilities to the United States.

Rockland, Texas, has created the largest bitcoin farm in North America and is simply impressive in its scale:

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