Mining. Part 2. Mining software

Mining. Part 2. Mining software

Promised to tell us more about his experience of creating a solo mining farm. Perhaps my experience will be useful to novice miners or those who are just interested in the topic of cryptocurrencies. An important aspect in this case is the software. There are many myths here, I will try to tell you that even a schoolboy can really “product” ether, as it was in my personal experience back in 12 years.

At the moment, there are several programs available that allow you to engage in mining:

  • Ethminer
  • Claymore’s Dual Ethereum+Decred

There are also some additional requirements for mining ether on a video card, for example: you will need Windows 7 or a newer version. In addition, the video card must have at least 2-3 GB of memory, although I think it is easier to achieve optimal results with an indicator of 4 GB. Do not forget about updating drivers.

The motherboard of my computer in 2018 allowed me to install several video cards at once. Of course, the more, the higher the efficiency. Although, let me remind you that you can start with one.

An important moment! A novice miner should definitely create an Ethereum wallet and choose: it will be a so-called pool or solo mining.

Setting up a video card is to specify the power of the system or each of the cards. If the power exceeds the permissible limit, the device may be idle, and the pool will notice inconsistencies between the entered and real data, which may lead to a refusal to issue currency.

I will share with you a useful video that will help you navigate the setup of equipment:

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