Mining. Part 1. Features of the “production” of ether

Mining. Part 1. Features of the “production” of ether

I have been deeply interested in the topic of digital currency development for a long time, and I am convinced that in the coming years these issues will be reflected not only in the private crypto business, but also in the transformation of the approach of advanced states in terms of regulating this industry.

I have already told you before that at the age of 12 I managed to assemble a home installation for mining. How it was, you can see in the release of the television program “SABA”, of which I became a guest back in 2018. Of course, then it was something completely new and needed clarification. Today I want to tell you in simple words about the complex and multi-level process of mining ether.

It is recommended to start mining with solo mining without special equipment. In order to make money on the production of ether, it is not necessary to buy, as I did, several video cards and personal computers at once. At the same time, I want to note that in this case, difficulties will inevitably arise with the command line and the subsequent withdrawal of funds to an electronic wallet.

Absolutely any video cards that are available in all PCs are used for ether mining, additional installations are not required if there is enough free RAM. Yes, by the way, it should be at least 2 GB. It is important that the CPU load does not exceed the earning capacity. To improve performance, for example, I combined three video cards at once.

Experts who masterfully set up farms on an industrial scale, as they say, recommend using video cards: ATI Radeon R9-280x, Radeon Rx 480, Radeon RX 470 Ethereum Mining, Radeon Rx 480 and Radeon HD 7950. They are available for free sale, perhaps, in any digital equipment store, and are easily mounted in a home PC. Now there are even special online services that allow not only to compare equipment, but also to calculate the payback period as part of a mining farm based on its parameters.

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