My Projects

My Projects

I have a huge range of projects in my portfolio: from 3D modeling to woodworking and programming. I have already talked about many of them in my blog. Conditionally, all of them can be divided into:

• electronics,

• programming,

• computers,

• general 3D projects,

• metal,

• other.

Some projects (for example, the ETH tracker) were created to study new components and technologies. Some more complex ones, such as a smart chess board, were created to find solutions to specific problems; in this case, creating a solution for accessible interactive chess learning.

Sometimes I create projects related to my hobbies – I am an ardent printer, so I made myself an individual keyboard: I will tell you more about it in the following publications and show you how it looks.

Most of the projects are created just for fun, while others are created as freelancing and earnings.

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