My laboratory

My laboratory

I have a small engineering lab at home where I create most of my projects. When I start a project, I first research the topic, then look at existing products, and then proceed to the design phase: I create several drawings, choose the best one and then create 3D models (I usually use Solidworks for engineering projects and Blender for more “artistic” ones). As soon as the form is ready, I move on to the electronic flowchart, and then to the diagram. I use EasyEDA to model printed circuit boards. Then I create component models in 3D / find ready-made models on the internet and put them in the main body.

Usually I just print a 3D model and assemble all the components, however, if I need to use a more complex material (wood/metal), I work in a school workshop. For all projects with electronics, I use my favorite soldering iron TS100.

When I create something, I immerse myself in an exciting creative world where my imagination and mind work to the limit, solving engineering problems. Some projects are more complex, where engineering codes may not work, but solving them is part of the fun!

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